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AFRICAN MANGO : A Miracle Weight Loss Supplement

The African Mango is a miracle pill which effectively burns fats and reduce size of waistline. It suppresses appetite, has thermogenic effect in the body.

There are just too many good foods to eat these days.  If you’re one of the millions of people who weight-loss-amfconstantly crave for cakes, ice cream and burgers then the African Mango is a great companion for you. There’s no need to pass on the dessert if you are conscious about your weight because the African Mango has many beneficial effects to the body especially in the reduction of fats.  But before we dive into the many benefits of African Mango, let us first examine the origins and history of this miracle weight loss pill which people around the world are raving about.

Irvingiagabonensis or commonly known as the African Mango is a tree which is endemic in the African region.  The flesh of its fruit can be eaten just like the usual mango.  The seeds can be eaten raw or roasted just like nuts.  The potent power of the African Mango in the weight loss regimen lies in its seeds.  In fact, there have been various clinical studies to prove its effectiveness in the reduction of fats.  The seeds of the African mango are in abundance of beta carotene which is helpful in the prevention of some cancers, infertility, heart burn and man more.

Benefits of African Mango

Weight Loss

images2As we get older, our body also slows down its different body processes.  As a result, extra pounds are thrown in our waistline rapidly.  Before we know it, we are already overweight which makes it impossible for us to wear those new clothes that we like.  And “crush diet” doesn’t cut anymore as it is no longer advisable especially to the older population.  With African Mango however, fat reduction is possible.  It helps the body trap fat and eliminates it effectively.  The African Mango is rich in Vitamin B aiding in increase in metabolism.  When the body’s metabolism is increased, it also means that the burning of calories is faster.

Based also on the recent study of Judith Ngondi, the extract from the seeds of the African Mango helps in the fight against obesity.  The results have been proven when two groups of people were tested by giving the first group with African Mango and the other group with placebo.  Over the course of 4-week period, individuals who took the African Mango lost 5.26 lbs. while those who took placebo only lost 1.32 lbs.

Thermogenic Effectafricanmango-pic-1

The African Mango contributes greatly in the thermogenic effect in the body.  This means fats are converted to energy instead of being stored in the body because of the faster metabolism.  The increased in heat inside the body means more beneficial effects in the weight loss regimen.  The African Mango breaks down the glucose in the body first making it slower to be released in the bloodstream.  Because sugar translates to fats, African Mango thus eliminates this.

Suppresses Appetite

According to the laboratory researches, African Mango is an effective appetite suppressant.  It eliminates binge eating and untimely hunger.  The seed extract of the African Mango contains an ingredient that assists the body in suppressing appetite thus helping the body to burn fat faster.  The African Mango restricts the release of leptin hormone in the body.  Leptin is the one responsible for hunger pangs and binge eating. When appetite is suppressed it means lesser calorie intake in the body.

Boosts Energy in the Body

The body relies on food for energy. But because of the fast-paced life, more people are relying on fast food.  This unhealthy habit will lead in becoming obese and overweight.  African Mango ensures that the energy in the body is evenly distributed.  This ensures that eating unhealthy food is eliminated.  And because of fewer calorie intake, healthy body is also maintained.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

There are two kinds of cholesterol inside the body, the bad cholesterol (Low-density lipoproteins or LDL) and the good cholesterol (High-density lipoproteins or HDL).  It’s LDL function to distribute cholesterol where it is needed.  However, if the amount of LDL in the body is in excess, it will cause blockage in the arteries.  If this continues, it can cause irreparable damage to the heart.  African Mango is not called miracle pill for nothing, it effectively lowers bad cholesterol.  The soluble fiber found in the African Mango binds with the bad cholesterol which in turn excreted in the body as waste.  The other blood lipids are decreased as well.

How African Mango Worksimages9

Based on the research conducted to prove the power of African Mango to reduce fats, it has been found out the high fibers in the seeds contribute to the decrease of glucose absorption in the bloodstream.  In effect, the liver forces the body to metabolize faster, eliminating the bad cholesterol and storage of fats inside the body.

The seed extract of the African Mango also promotes in the production of Anti-inflammatory hormone, also known as adiponectin.  This is directly linked in lowering the risks of diabetes and other cardio vascular ailments.  Fats will absorb the adiponectin which also affects the metabolism of fast for quicker weight loss.

The level of leptin also plays a big role in the weight loss regimen.  When leptin is low, the body craves for more food.  But African Mango changes this by increasing the leptin hormone in the body.  This means people will have the power to avoid unhealthy food by suppressing their appetite and maintaining a healthy body.

The African Mango is indeed the best option when trying to lose weight.  It has proven in different studies and researches that the extract from the seeds of the African Mango can suppress your appetite, lower the bad cholesterol in the body, increase the metabolism.  This is how African Mango works in eliminating that stubborn love handles and belly fats.  It is so effective that many people around the world are raving about it.


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